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Research and Writing 

I have received international recognition for my research and expertise in community-engaged and patient-oriented research in racial disparities in health and advancing health equity. I led multiple community-based participatory research projects focused among rural, racial and ethnic minorities with funding from the National Institutes of Health, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Greenwall Foundation. I have demonstrated expertise in drawing communities, faculty, and health professions into working partnerships in clinical and translational research, ultimately transforming the process and products of research to create a climate that fosters equity. In 2013, I established the UNC Center for Health Equity Research to bring together collaborative, multidisciplinary teams of scholars, trainees, and community members to improve health through a shared commitment to innovation, collaboration, and health equity. I co-lead the RWJF’s Advancing Change Leadership Clinical Scholars Program, which provides intensive learning, collaboration, networking, and leadership development to seasoned clinicians to create a community of practitioners promoting health equity across the country.


Select Writing (for a full bibliography of over 160 publications please see here; last author position denotes senior author)


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Connecting Dots to Bridge the Health Disparities Gap: Implementation of a Scalable Electronic Medical Record-Integrated Community Referral Intervention at the Clinic Visit. 

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PMID: 27012259  


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Changing healthcare professionals' behaviors to eliminate disparities in healthcare: What do we know? How might we proceed?  Horner RD, Salazar W, Geiger HJ, Bullock K, Corbie-Smith G, Cornog M, Flores G; Working Group on Changing Health Care Professionals' Behavior.

Am J Manag Care. 2004 Sep;10 Spec No: SP12-9. PMID: 15481432

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